Thursday, December 14, 2017

Happy Customers

“…we are very happy with how our backyard turned out. The stonework is well done and the dining pavilion looks really beautiful. The area for the hot tub looks seamless with the rest of the patio and it truly is a beautiful space for us to entertain and enjoy.”
- Heather & Rip C., Oakville

“Don made some excellent suggestions both at the planning level and during the actual time when the work was being done. This improved the overall job, making it even better than we had envisioned.”
- R.J. & Lisa Clegg

“…we originally thought we wanted a straightforward interlock driveway with some rockery bordering, we could never imagine the work of art that we ended up with. The driveway turned into a drive and courtyard with a beautiful curving inlaid arch design cutting in and out of the rock gardens. The flat rocky steps leading from the driveway up into the garden adds that perfect extra touch.”
- Laura & Barry Dopp

“As for the back yard, Chris and I enjoyed spending time there during the summer. The garden and retaining wall you built to house the shed was absolutely the greatest idea. We now have a back yard that allows us the maximum use of space. The functional patio area layout is unique and different. It is not just another ordinary patio design.”
- Christine & Dennis Windsor

“From the first visit to do the estimate, to the last inspection, you impressed us with your professionalism. Far too many contractors lack the commitment to service you have. It is evident you take great pride in your work and the finished projects reflect that pride. We were amazed how you knew exactly where to place the rocks and stones for the best look.”
- Graham & Jan Bowden